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Ansoff matrix for mcdonalds

Ansoff matrix explained using Mcd as example..

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Ansoff matrix for mcdonalds

  1. 1. ANSOFF MATRIX FOR McDonald's PRESENT NEW Market Penetration Cleaver Pricing, Happy meal, Speedy service, Drive through. Product Development McSpaghetti, McAloo Tikki, McPizza , Masala Grill , Royal Paneer . All these in India since people do not eat beef. Market Development Has presence in 121 countries and is planning to open outlets in Nigeria, Tunisia, Armenia. Diversification McCafe, McStops, Hotel(Swizerland). MARKETS PRODUCTS NEW PRESENT
  2. 2. Glocolisation:Think Global , Act Local • McDonalds, the global brand remains the same wherever you experience it. • However, there many be subtle (and not-so-subtle) changes to the fast-food menu to take account of local tastes and traditions. • McDonald's has restaurants in more than 100 different countries. • Instead of offering an American-style menu in a place like India, where many residents do not eat beef, McDonald's sells mostly chicken, lamb and vegetarian offerings.
  3. 3. Diversification : Failure • McDonald's made its foray into the hospitality industry in 2001, opening two hotels in Switzerland, at Zurich and Lully. • The "Golden Arch Hotels" were positioned as four-star facilities with the latest in-room technology and very original, modern interior design. • Reactions and reviews of guests following their stay there were mixed. Most seemed to agree, that the hotel's four-star rating didn't seem to correspond with McDonald's image. The Golden Arch in Zurich is McDonald's first hotel. • Unfortunately, this venture was not successful as it went to market in the early 21st century
  4. 4. Golden Arch Hotel