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Industries where walkie talkies are still in use


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10 Businesses That Benefit From Walkie Talkies

Walkie talkies, or two-way radios, are no longer only meant for military and police use. Their usefulness and versatility has made them indispensable in a number of business environments, with units available that are handheld or built into vehicles.

Although walkie talkies have a limited range, they are free to use and, as a result, cheaper to run than cell phones. Once handsets have been bought and paid for there are no monthly call charges. They are simple and easy to use, with most models featuring a push-to-talk button that allows the user to send messages, and a speaker to relay messages back to the user.

In general, a wide variety of businesses benefit from the use of walkie talkies. They are often used to enhance businesses’ health and safety practices, as public address (PA) systems, and to keep employees informed of urgent information throughout the course of the day. A discussion of 10 businesses that benefit from the use of walkie talkies follows. The benefits to these businesses may be similar to those of a wide range of other enterprises, and one can gain a clear idea of overlapping advantages for one’s own business.

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Industries where walkie talkies are still in use

  1. 1. 10 industries where where workers still use walkie talkie
  2. 2. Why use Walkie Talkies • Push to talk for short voice comms • No need to type • Instant Voice Sending • Messages auto play • Group Messaging
  3. 3. 1. Event Management 2. Hotels 3. Construction 4. Security 5. Retail 6. Restaurants 7. Medical 8. Warehouse 9. Transportation 10.Manufacturing 10 INDUSTRIES | |+65 6222 2359
  4. 4. EVENT MANAGEMENT “I need 3 helpers to setup the stage. Please bring the tent poles along” | |+65 6222 2359
  5. 5. HOTELS “Guest needs a taxi, please help to call one to the Airport” | |+65 6222 2359
  6. 6. CONSTRUCTION “Can you bring the latest blueprint up to the top floor?” | |+65 6222 2359
  7. 7. SECURITY “Code 24 on second floor. Please assist” | |+65 6222 2359
  8. 8. RETAIL “Can you help me check if there is still size 9 in the backroom? | |+65 6222 2359
  9. 9. RESTAURANTS “Code 24 on second floor. Please assist” “Do we still have the desert for the night?” | |+65 6222 2359
  10. 10. “Code 24 on second floor. Please assist” MEDICAL “Returning to the hospital with a patient who is in cardiac arrest.” | |+65 6222 2359
  11. 11. WAREHOUSE “Code 24 on second floor. Please assist” “Can you check up on the stock level of the widgets?” | |+65 6222 2359
  12. 12. TRANSPORTATION “Code 24 on second floor. Please assist” “Got to stop for gas up ahead. I am reaching in 20 minutes.” | |+65 6222 2359
  13. 13. MANUFACTURING “Code 24 on second floor. Please assist” “I need a tech to look at machine 4. Something is stuck there.” | |+65 6222 2359
  14. 14. SMART WALKIE TALKIE Upgrade to a smart walkie talkie today