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Published on Financial Analysis 2007-2010

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  1. 1. Financial AnalysisYolanda Williams, 2011
  2. 2. Overview is owned by Bluefly, Inc. Bluefly is apublicly traded company (NASDAQ SmallCap: BFLY).50,000 different styles for sale in categories such asmen’s, women’s and accessories as well as house andhome accessoriesover 350 designer brands at discounts up to 75% offretail valueincorporated in the state of Delaware and itsexecutive offices are located in New York, New York
  3. 3. Lawsuits and Legal ProceedingsIn October 2009, Bluefly was accused of infringingthree patents owned by Charles E. Hill & Associates,Inc. in a lawsuit filed in the Eastern District of Texas.
  4. 4. Financial HighlightsFinancial Highlights AmountTotal Revenue $81,200,000Net Income (Loss) $4,369,000Current Assets $31,995,000Current Liabilities $ 12,611,000Long-Term Debt $0
  5. 5. Liquidity: The Quick and the Dirty20092009Ratio 20082008Ratio 20072007RatioCurrentRatio: 2.54CurrentRatio: 2.5 Current Ratio: 2.51Quick (AcidTest) Ratio: 1.06Quick (AcidTest) Ratio: 0.58Quick (AcidTest) Ratio: 0.49
  6. 6. Debt: I owe, I owe!20092009Ratio 20082008Ratio 20072007RatioTotalLiabilitiesto Equity: 0.55TotalLiabilitiesto Equity: 0.88TotalLiabilities toEquity: 0.6720092009Ratio 20082008Ratio 20072007RatioCurrentLiabilitiesto Equity: 0.55CurrentLiabilitiesto Equity: 0.69CurrentLiabilities toEquity: 0.66
  7. 7. Profitability: win or lose20092009Ratio 20082008Ratio 20072007RatioReturn onSales(ProfitMargin): 0.05Return onSales(ProfitMargin): 0Return onSales (ProfitMargin): 0Return onAssets: 0.12Return onAssets: 0.01Return onAssets: 0Return onNet Worth(Return onEquity): 0.19Return onNet Worth(Return onEquity): 0.01Return onNet Worth(Return onEquity): 0
  8. 8. Efficiency20092009Ratio 20082008Ratio 20072007RatioCost of Salesto Inventory: 2.81Cost of Salesto Inventory: 2.6Cost of Salesto Inventory: 2.0620092009Ratio 20082008Ratio 20072007RatioSales to TotalAssets: 2.28Sales toTotal Assets: 2.54Sales to TotalAssets: 2.0320092009Ratio 20082008Ratio 20072007RatioDaysReceivables: 14.92DaysReceivables: 12.58DaysReceivables: 8.39
  9. 9. Divide and Share the Wealth2007 2008 2009-0.3025 -0.225 -0.08The Annual average dividend per share is as follows:
  10. 10. Loss Generation – ProfitlessAlthough the Loss generated for the annual averagedividend per share is decreasing, stillexpects to generate more losses in the future to domany adverse factors, including:High merchandise return rate from customersHigh degrees of competition from brick and mortar andinternet based retailersHigh dependence on third party relationshipsHigh volatility due cyclical variations in the apparel ande-commerce markets
  11. 11. ALL RATIOS GALORE2009 2009 Ratio 2008 2008 Ratio 2007 2007 RatioCurrent Ratio: 2.54 Current Ratio: 2.5 Current Ratio: 2.51Quick (Acid Test) Ratio: 1.06 Quick (Acid Test) Ratio: 0.58 Quick (Acid Test) Ratio: 0.49Current Liabilities to Net Worth: 0.55 Current Liabilities to Net Worth: 0.69 Current Liabilities to Net Worth: 0.66Current Liabilities to Inventory: 0.71 Current Liabilities to Inventory: 0.54 Current Liabilities to Inventory: 0.63Sales to Receivables: 24.47 Sales to Receivables: 29.02 Sales to Receivables: 43.53Days Receivables: 14.92 Days Receivables: 12.58 Days Receivables: 8.39Cost of Sales to Inventory: 2.81 Cost of Sales to Inventory: 2.6 Cost of Sales to Inventory: 2.06Days Inventory: 129.85 Days Inventory: 140.2 Days Inventory: 177Cost of Sales to Payables: 11.38 Cost of Sales to Payables: 7.23 Cost of Sales to Payables: 6.94Days Payables: 32.06 Days Payables: 50.52 Days Payables: 52.56Total Liabilities to Tangible NetWorth: 0.55Total Liabilities to Tangible NetWorth: 0.88 Total Liabilities to Tangible Net Worth: 0.67Fixed Assets to Net Worth: 0.15 Fixed Assets to Net Worth: 0.33 Fixed Assets to Net Worth: 0.22Fixed Assets to Tangible Net Worth: 0.15Fixed Assets to Tangible NetWorth: 0.33 Fixed Assets to Tangible Net Worth: 0.22Collection Period: 14.92 Collection Period: 12.58 Collection Period: 8.39Sales to Inventory: 4.6 Sales to Inventory: 4.14 Sales to Inventory: 3.21Sales to Fixed Assets: 23.17 Sales to Fixed Assets: 15.81 Sales to Fixed Assets: 15.2Sales to Total Assets: 2.28 Sales to Total Assets: 2.54 Sales to Total Assets: 2.03Assets to Sales: 0.44 Assets to Sales: 0.39 Assets to Sales: 0.49Sales to Net Working Capital: 4.19 Sales to Net Working Capital: 5.07 Sales to Net Working Capital: 3.38Accounts Payable to Sales: 0.05 Accounts Payable to Sales: 0.09 Accounts Payable to Sales: 0.09% Profits Before Taxes to Tangible NetWorth: 11.63% Profits Before Taxes to TangibleNet Worth: 59.57% Profits Before Taxes to Tangible NetWorth: 59.86% Profit Before Taxes to Total Assets: 7.47% Profit Before Taxes to TotalAssets: 28.74 % Profit Before Taxes to Total Assets: 35.7Return on Sales (Profit Margin): 0.05 Return on Sales (Profit Margin): 0 Return on Sales (Profit Margin): 0Return on Assets: 0.12 Return on Assets: 0.01 Return on Assets: 0Return on Net Worth (ReturnonEquity): 0.19Return on Net Worth (ReturnonEquity): 0.01Return on Net Worth (Return onEquity): 0EBITA 878,000 EBITA -5,900,000 EBITAn/a