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Integrated production agency

The Role of Integrated Production in an Ad Agency. The how and why of getting it done.

Integrated production agency

  1. 1. Integrated Production “In a world where creative is less bound to specificplatforms, it changes the production process and the efficiencies” – Brian DiLorenzo – Director Integrated Production, BBDO, New York 8.24.11
  2. 2. The time is now“Now it is incumbent upon producers to expand their cross-medium knowledge and to embrace the greater complexity and technologies involved in how new media works” - David Rolfe, VP Integrated Production , Crispin, Porter + Bogusky
  3. 3. Integration is Interactive
  4. 4. Content + TechnologyWe call what we do the creative application oftechnology to stories and content,”Exec Producer, Digital Content & Strategy – Loc Dao Canadian FilmBoard
  5. 5. Integration is Cross Platform Communication User Centered Experience
  6. 6. Integrated Content Works on a Timeline September October November December January February March April Big Events Daily Updates & EventsNews & Events:Experience Executions: Challenges & Polls -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Offline Campaign Quiz 2 Quiz 3 Brand Sightings TBD TBD Launch ProjectLaunchFacebook – Quiz 1 Photo Hunt Upload PhotosRecipes, Brand, Partner Content PageProduct Info Brand Videos Launch Virtual “Gifts”
  7. 7. Integrated Content Is Story Driven
  8. 8. The Story of an Integrated Jack & Jill• Introduce Jill on Air o She’s young and attractive o Smart & Independent o Everyday she fills her bucket• Introduce Jack Online o 3 possible Jacks the audience votes which one gets Jill o Jill gives Jack a Challenge• Jack Meets the Challenge using Mobile – Text & Video• The relationship is cemented on Facebook - Social• There’s an app for that – (dating tips)• The Brand has a new equity IP (intellectual property)- Jack & Jill
  9. 9. Challenges to Integration1. Identifying and staying on top of new technology • Guest speakers & presentations • Agency innovation team2. Being Authentic to both the Brand & the Audience • Involve planning early • Ensure strategic alignment every step of the way
  10. 10. Integration must have agency wide adoption“Creative decisions drive technology and technology isa creative design choice. Tech doesn’t just impact visualdesign and user experience; it can drive copy too. Forexample, Twitter’s haiku-like 140 character constraintderives from a programmer’s choice to adhere to the 160-character short-message-service-protocol (minus roomfor the user name and colon)”John Mayo- Smith CEO RGA
  11. 11. Business ModelsBusiness Model #1 Business Model #2Agency: Agency:• Strategy • Strategy• Concept • Concept• Design • Design• IA /UX • IA /UXIn House Production Production Partner:• Video (shoot, edit, record & • Shoot mix) • Build• Development (Front • Develop End, Back End + Animation = sites, banners, proof of concept)
  12. 12. Business ModelsBusiness Model #1 Business Model #2Pro: Pro:• Allows agency to take on a • Efficient wider range of projects • Not chasing technology• Tech leads collaborate with • Leverage value from creatives on complex projects production partners• Quick implementation & turnaround Con:Con: • Cost to client must cover full• Training, developing and cost of production + Staff retaining talent • Less room for R&D• Identifying the appropriate technologies to adopt
  13. 13. Where do we start?1. Evaluate integrated opportunities on a case by case basis and2. Bring together the appropriate cross functional team for the job. This team must have a singular mission guided by strategy and rooted in the creative vision
  14. 14. Team Structure – Integrated ProductionComplex integrated projects will work withIntegrated Producer on multi channel distribution(sites + video + mobile + social +games) o Integrated Producer to manage the creation of written Scopes of Work, partner selection & production methodology o Project Manager to manage day to day digital production & resource allocation o Technical Lead to manage all aspects of development o Business Manager - if applicable to manage video production bidding, contracting and talent compliance
  15. 15. Production Work FlowDirector of Integrated Director of Technology Director of ProjectProduction ManagementSOW Creation SOW & Estimate Review Estimate CreationProduction Methodology Technical Audit Resource allocationSource Production Partners Manage all phases of Establish and manage development projects against milestonesCKO / PKO CKO / PKO Project executionProduction Review + QA Production Review + QA Production Review + QA
  16. 16. Thank you

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The Role of Integrated Production in an Ad Agency. The how and why of getting it done.


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