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Game design - Retention


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Game Design - Retention
The Deck covers some of the basic aspects and mechanisms of social game design. This is the 1st out of 4 decks, covering the aspects needed for amplifying RETENTION among players and users
The series includes 4 chapters: Engagement, Virality, Retention, Growth

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Game design - Retention

  1. 1. Game Basics: Retention
  2. 2. RETENTION A series of game mechanisms and incentives that bring back players to play in a repetitive manner, over a long period of time STICKINESS REVENUE LIFE TIME VALUEThe ratio between MAU Daily active Users define The overall period spent and DAU, showing the the revenue pattern of a by a player over theoverall retention of the social game game will establish his game value
  3. 3. DAILY BONUS A daily incentive given to a player upon his landing, providing a “bait” for the next day of gameplay COLLECT PLAY PLANCollect a daily reward. Gain a daily bonus by Deploy a timed bonus, to be Grows according to playing a mini game collected on a nearby visit consecutive visits when landing in the game (harvest, Job, property)
  4. 4. MINI GAMES Mini Games are short-burst simple game engines that provide a differentiating moment of fresh gameplay during a repetitive sequence GAME OF SKILL GAMES OF FUN NARRATIVE Cards, roulettes, Short-burst Platformer, Short cut-scenewheels of Fortune and shooters and arcade like experiences or visuals games of luck activity narrating arc-stories
  5. 5. PROGRESSION A progression system is the heart & core of a persistent game. It provides a thread that connects the player’s individual sessions LEVELING EXPERIENCE MULTI SYSTEMS Unlock new content, Collect Experience Points Climb through multiple titles and game by performing quests or leveling systems (social,options by climbing up game actions, to gain career, etc) to explore the leveling system new levels and titles the game
  6. 6. UNLOCKING MECHANISM As means of exploration, a good game slowly unveils content, options and goods, making the player curious about “what’s next?” CONTENT GOODS OPTIONSGame environments, Items, weapons, gifts, Game modes, secretStorylines, Non Player power-ups and virtual levels, career optionscharacters and visuals goods found in the store and bonuses
  7. 7. CAREERS - IICareers are powerful engagement engines; they grant players a feeling of personalization, by allowing them to ‘model’ their progression CLASS MULTI-CLASS PRESTIGE A class is a unique A Multi Class mechanic A Prestige Class is acareer path offering enables players to pick to specialized class that attributes, abilities classes and run them in unlocks at a specific and options parallel level
  8. 8. INCENTIVES Rewards, bonuses and gifts given to a player in order to motivate him and make him ‘strive for more’ CONSECUTIVE COMPETITIVE COLLECTIVE (group) Player gains time- Players compete to gain a Players work together to based bonuses, as daily/hourly grand achieve goals and gainlong as he sits in front bonuses group bonuses of the game
  9. 9. ACHIEVEMENTS Virtual means used to motivate a player and mark a specific in-game accomplishment. (also Used by players for Bragging rights) BADGES TROPHIES TITLE A badge is a visual A trophy is a badge that A title is a textual labelicon representing an moves from hand to showing a specific in-game hand, according to the designation or accomplishment current winner accomplishment
  10. 10. REGENERATION An Attribute, a Bonus or a game option thatslowly renews itself every x seconds of gameplay. Used by players for planning their next move TIME STAMP QUANTITY PERSISTENCYA timer counts backward Fine balance of the Regeneration continues to show the moment in quantity of units gained is to take place even whenwhich regeneration takes crucial for this the player is offline place mechanism
  11. 11. QUEST The Quest is a short-term task within the gameplay world, offering players an immediate course of action & reward BRIEF FEEDBACK INCENTIVEThe brief tells the player The feedback is a The incentive is a rewardwhat he is required to do midterm pointer, telling given to the player forin order to complete he the player he is on the completing the quest quest right track
  12. 12. MASTERY SYSTEM A Mastery System is used to create replay ability of content and a way for players to generate specialization COLORS STARS PRE-REQUISITEComplete each quest in 3 Try completing a quest Complete a quest in a different levels: Bronze, with a maximum of stars. specific mastery levels in Silver, Gold Performance based. order to unlock content
  13. 13. PUBLIC QUEST A cooperative Quest, played by a small group of friends/strangers in a limited time frame TIMING LOCKED PRIZES!A Public quest starts on a From a moment a public A Public Quest generates given time frame. quest is launched, no one rewards to allLate-Birds must wait for can leave or join it participants, according the next round to their performance