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[En] Visionary Marketing 2014-2016 business cases


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This is a selection of our most significant Visionary Marketing business cases with our clients (B2B and B2C), in and out of the High-tech sector. We have selected a number of business cases related to our engagements (consulting, on-going support, knowledge transfer). Whenever possible we have provided numbers, facts and figures.

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[En] Visionary Marketing 2014-2016 business cases

  1. 1. Visionary Business Cases for the 2014 – 2016 period A selection of best clients business cases Last updated: Nov 24, 2016
  2. 2. Oct. 2016 2 A selection of our 2014-2016 business cases Visionary Marketing was founded in March 2014. Since then we have been able to serve 60° clients in various areas ranging from consulting to social media and influence. Here we have provided a selection of our 2014-2016 engagements with some of those clients. Our expertise is mostly centred on B2B marketing and complex deals, with engagements in verticals such as IT, Cloud computing and Big Data, Telecoms, Utilities, Banking, Healthcare and Insurance. Our staff is composed of seasoned experts, copywriters and home-trained highly skilled young professionals. Click the relevant button for details copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg Consulting 1 Content marketing & influence 2 Workshops Training & Teaching 3 Audits, Benchmarks & SEO 4
  3. 3. Oct. 2016 3 Consulting1 Digital transformation, strategic consulting, benchmarking, auditing and positioning, strategic pitches and digital innovation consulting copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg
  4. 4. Group BPCE is France’s 4th largest retail bank (€ 3.2bn profit). Pramex International is a BPCE subsidiary in charge of supporting small and medium businesses with their internationalisation We have provided Pramex international with strategic and operational support and guidance in order to better meet its core business objectives and prepare for growth in the future. Oct. 2016 4 Fluksaqua is a spin-off of Veolia. It was designed to become a forum for water technology professionals not only for Veolia but all other utilities. It is now attracting above 10,000 professionals, 50% of whom are from other utilities. We have supported Fluksaqua at all stages of their development, from the ideation phase to its day to day operations and international deployment. This consulting project was conducted in 3 phases: • Consulting and support (setting goals, methods, initial content and collaboration techniques) as well as initial study and workshops • Launch and community set up and facilitation and growth hacking (all in a very niche B2B and technical environment) • Continuous Marketing effort and guidance Visionary Marketing has helped Pramex international elicit its strategy in order to face future challenges and growth and shape the digital department copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg Finance and Consulting Utilities Visionary Marketing has supported Fluksaqua on its marketing and community functions from day one (late 2014)
  5. 5. GEM (Grenoble Management School) is set in France’s Silicon Valley and is one of Europe’s leading business schools (19th according to FT ranking) , attractions thousands of foreign students from around the globe. Its Masters in Digital Business Strategy is unique in Europe We have supported the school with the strategic analysis of its MS in Digital Business Strategy ( in order to pave the way for the development of a unique programme in English in this area. Oct. 2016 5 Youstice is a Czech start-up backed by Slovak Telecom and set to become a leading European service dedicated to the handling of customer complaints. We have worked with Youstice on a number of subjects, in English and French We have supported Youstice with the selection and recruitment of a business developer for the French marketing through the selection of seasoned individuals with strong business acumen in that area. We have also helped Youstice be known to selected targeted legal and business audiences locally and internationally through strategic content publication in English and French copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg Visionary Marketing has helped Youstice find the relevant partner in France for its business development Visionary Marketing has helped position and re-engineer the entire programme of GEM’s MS in digital business strategy Start-up - legal services Education
  6. 6. Mutuelle Générale is the 12th largest French health insurance company with 1.5 million clients and revenues of €1.14bn yearly revenues. We have supported Mutuelle Générale with consulting and support services in the area of innovation and ideation, thereby Consulting and support on innovation processes Identify and define the adapted tools and methods for an effective technological watch GRTgaz is a leading French utility dedicated to Gas distribution with €624 billion investment and 2,959 employees and 130 shipping customers at end 2015, 19 connected distribution network operators 768 connected industrial customers We have supported GRTgaz with the definition of the new roadmap for its new Intranet and pave the way for a vision of collaboration across all parts of tthe organisations and the various teams. We have conducted the workshops, facilitated creativity and ideation sessions and issued recommendations for the company to develop internal collaboration successfully. Oct. 2016 6copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg Visionary Marketing has supported GRTgaz with its vision of collaboration in the workplace in joint IT and user workshop sessions Our methodology for joint innovation has been described in a white paper entitled “Bringing Ideas to Reality” Utilities Health Insurance
  7. 7. Oct. 2016 7 Alcatel Lucent revenue is a leading and innovative unified communications provider primarily based in USA, UK and France. They serve more than 500,000 clients worldwide. They have 2,700+ employees and 2,900+ partners worldwide. We have worked directly with the EVP and GM of the ALE Communications Business Division in order to structure the main strategic pitch around 3 main phases 1) why change 2) what we aim at 3) how to delivered This had led to a strategic document (with 3 supporting podcasts) which serves as the basis for the strategic change at ALE. This document is strategic and confidential. It will be available in English and French by end of 2016. It is serving as the basis for the turnover of the company and the launch of its new UCaaS strategy copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg Visionary Marketing has supported Alcatel Lucent Enterprise with the description and positioning of its internal and external strategic pitch to maximise its impact and the benefit for the brand Telecoms equipment manufacturing
  8. 8. Oct. 2016 8 Content marketing & influence 2 copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg Visionary Marketing provides strategic content in order to position brands as experts in their area. Our 22-year international experience in that area makes it possible for us to support even the largest international brands
  9. 9. eZ Systems is a leading Worldwide software vendor founded in 1999 in Norway with 15+ years experience as a commercial open source technology provider. eZ supports 500+ enterprise customers in 25+ countries. eZ has more than 85 employees in 8 offices throughout Europe, North America and Asia. Visionary Marketing has worked with eZ Systems in order to share stories about innovative Websites and Website factories all created upon the eZ platform. 10 blog pieces were written and posted with their companion podcasts and videos and shared broadly on the Visionary Marketing network of influence. In addition, a whitepaper was written on how to maximise one’s presence on the Web.. Oct. 2016 9copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg IT – Software industry With this campaign eZ Systems France was able to close a large deal
  10. 10. Profil Technology is an independent French software vendor. They were created in 1989 by an innovative group of engineers. They are the sole reseller of all Bitdefender IT security solutions in France. Visionary marketing has worked on a strategic content marketing solution with Profil Technology to better position its Egedian brand around IT admin and security solutions for the workplace. We have built and executed a content strategy that is adapted to the market and its needs by crafting highly targeted content and working on influence through the positioning of this unique content. This has led to immediate results by way of lead generation in a matter of weeks. Oct. 2016 10copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg IT – software and security solutions With this new highly segmented expert IT portal, Profil Technology was able to generate leads in a matter of weeks
  11. 11. Jems Group is an expert IT services company dedicated to Big Data and Business Intelligence. Visionary marketing has worked with Jems group on its local influence through content marketing and influence marketing, placing the IT services company on the map of those businesses which define the world of Big Data through their expertise and mastery of technologies. Oct. 2016 11copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg Visionary Marketing has produced and publicised various strategic pieces of content with a Word of Mouth Marketing approach Jem’s little black book of Big Data was downloaded 400 times in just one morning (strictly through earned media) and brought immediate leads Big Data
  12. 12. Dassault Systèmes is a leading International software company. Its 3DEXPERIENCE Platform leverages the Company’s world-leading 3D software applications to transform the way products are designed, produced, and supported. Visionary Marketing supported 3DS with the organisation of its international ambassador programme meeting in order to kick start a project regarding the sharing of content and establish thought leadership. Oct. 2016 12copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg IT – Software industry
  13. 13. Bridge is a leading online-to-offline commerce platform, helping brands and retailers to increase in-store sales. BRIDGE captures local internet traffic and converts it into physical sales. More than 220 brands and retailers around the world use BRIDGE to grow their locations online presence and convert local online traffic into customers. Bridge is now part of Solocal Group, an international (French based) €1 billion revenue listed company, with 15 subsidiaries focused on local digital media and advertising solutions. Specialties Since early 2015 we have supported Bridge with its content strategy by providing strategic texts both for their own digital assets and other resources. Visionary Marketing is namely involved in building all of Bridge’s personas and business cases such as the Ducati business cased on the right-hand side. We have worked with Bridge in English, Spanish and French. Visionary Marketing is also involved with Bridge regarding its product catalogue. Oct. 2016 13copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg IT – Software industry
  14. 14. Cloudwatt is a player in the field of cloud computing and a Worldwide pioneer with regard to the implementation of OpenStack and Docker in live cloud computing environments. Since 2016 they have become the public cloud brand for Orange Business Services. Adaptation of Cloudwatt’s legal contracts and Service level agreements into English. Work on various pieces of content and Webinars on various subjects in the field of Big Data, PaaS and IaaS (Cloud computing). Coverage of various events including the main Cloudwatt 2015 VAR event. Training of staff on the impact of Big Data on marketing. Cloudwatt is now an Orange brand. Oct. 2016 14copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg several hundreds of attendees have been exposed to Cloudwatt’s content regarding its expertise in IaaS and Paas for cloud computing and Big Data Cloud Computing & Big Data infrastructure
  15. 15. Orange Business Services is a global IT and communications services provider, with services in 220 countries. Visionary Marketing has been working for 3 years with Orange Business Services and its cloud computing arm Orange Cloud for Business Since early 2014, Visionary Marketing has worked on a retainer with Orange Business Services in order to provide services on all kinds of subjects, from highly strategic to deeply technical, on various matters (IT, Big Data, Telecoms). We have supported Orange with all sorts of tasks: content strategy, blog posts, personas and business cases, targeted emailing campaigns, marketing automation, White papers, Website content, SEO, video, events, webinars, influence and social media. Oct. 2016 15copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg Visionary Marketing designed, invented and created Webinathons for Orange. Since 2015, over 1,500 attendees have joined Orange Business webinars, be they strategic or technical Over 60 Webinars in less than 2 years dozens of blog posts 1,000s of professionals reached on social media marketing automation, video, white papers… IT – Communications - Cloud Computing
  16. 16. Business & Decision is a global management, strategy consulting and systems integration group solving business problems through Digital Transformation. As a leader in Digital Customer Experience and Data & Analytics. in 2014-2015 Visionary Marketing supported Business & Decision with their expert blogging initiative. We not only helped the service company build the first wireframe for the blog, we set everything up, but from a content and social media point of view as well as from a change management point of view. This has made it possible for B&D to kickstart its blogging initiative in America and France in no time and reap the benefits of a new positioning around Big Data and digital transformation. Oct. 2016 16copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg With this B2B Marketing campaign, B&D was able to attract 500 visitors per day on its blog after only 2 months. The Big data white paper was downloaded 4,000 times in two months and was very well received by the ecosystem Big Data
  17. 17. Promise consulting is a Paris-based expert consultancy dedicated to the luxury market with international exposure in North America, Japan, China and Europe. We are continuously supporting Promise consulting with their influence marketing as well as influence event management and social media promotion. We also support them with specialist marketing content creation (mostly on blogs with video interviews) Adobe is a leading international software solutions provider. Adobe Marketing cloud is the entity dedicated to all sales and marketing solutions at Adobe. Visionary Marketing has supported Adobe Marketing Cloud in France with various pieces of content dedicated to CRM, DMP, Marketing automation and omni-channel. Some of our blog pieces have been written for the Adobe Marketing blog while others, at their request, have been published on our Marketing & Innovation blog in order to ensure optimal visibility and sharing. We are regularly included in Adobe’s panel of influencers in order to support them with content provision on their target subjects. Oct. 2016 17copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg Marketing - consulting IT – Software industry
  18. 18. Sparklane is a forward-looking innovative Big Data company which was created in 2009 in Nantes, France. Its core business is Big Data technologies for Sales and decision-makers. It serves more than 600 customers and has 60 members of staff. Sparklane’s exclusive algorithms crunch 3,500+ information feeds daily in real time and has millions of contacts in store. Sparklane enables its clients to understand their market better and find new business opportunities. In 2014-2015 Visionary Marketing worked alongside Business & Decision on its content strategy in order to position the company as a big player in the field of Big Data and Digital Transformation. Visionary Marketing designed, produced and publicised a hugely successful white paper on this subject entitled “From Big Data To Big Busine$$” available in English and French. We have also worked with Business & Decision on their influence strategy and helped them develop their own skills in order to successfully manage their own blog. The Business & Decision blog is one of the most successful in this area in France. Oct. 2016 18copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg With this B2B Marketing campaign, B&D was able to attract 500 visitors per day on its blog after only 2 months. The Big data white paper was downloaded 4,000 times in two months and was very well received by the ecosystem Big Data
  19. 19. Oct. 2016 19 Workshops Training & Teaching 3 copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg Visionary Marketing designs, organises and facilitates workshops dedicated to digital innovation, training and digital strategy
  20. 20. Novartis is a global healthcare company based in Basel, Switzerland, with roots dating back more than 150 years. We provide healthcare solutions that address the evolving needs of patients and societies worldwide. Novartis products are available in more than 180 countries and they reached nearly 1 billion people globally in 2015. About 123 000 people of 144 nationalities work at Novartis around the world. Visionary Marketing organised an interactive training one- day session on behalf of the pharma company in order to better get to grips with the impact of digital within the business, and the relationship with partners, clients and patients. This involved teambuilding exercises and Twitter battles and group work (10 groups of 5 participants each). Oct. 2016 20copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg Healthcare
  21. 21. GEM (Grenoble Management School) is set in France’s Silicon Valley and is one of Europe’s leading business schools (19th according to FT ranking) , attractions thousands of foreign students from around the globe. Its Masters in Digital Business Strategy is unique in Europe. It is based on the Paris campus. Visionary Marketing is managing the master’s degree from A to Z implementing innovation and flipped teaching. A Student’s blog was created which serves as a basis for flipped teaching and learning content marketing techniques. We are in charge of recruitment, course content and follow-up and promotion. Oct. 2016 21copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg GEM’s Advanced Masters in Digital Business Strategy is a leading training programme for students and exec students aiming to become digital managers/directors. 15 exec students were recruited in 2016 Education services
  22. 22. Founded in 1974, PSB Paris School of Business is a European elite management school that combines academic excellence, international awareness and professional experience. We have been teaching at PSB (Masters and MBA classes) since 2007 about different digital topics like : digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, word of mouth marketing and Enterprise Social Networks (ESN). We introduced new methods of teaching such as Web-based lectures as early as 2007. Workshop and content marketing (including video and blog pieces) regarding the use of email in the workplace. Similar engagements for other organisations (Axema, CNRS) Oct. 2016 22copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg Education services Space industry
  23. 23. Oct. 2016 23 Audits, Benchmarks & SEO 4 copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg
  24. 24. Keyyo is an alternative French communications provider. It was created in 1994. It delivers advanced communications services 8,000+ B2B clients with 200,000+ end users, 50% of which use VOIP. Visionary Marketing supported Keyyo with its new Website by auditing its SEO. The engagement involved supporting the team on location and remotely Mobistar, now Orange Belgium, is a leading mobile provider in Benelux. The Belgian operator caters for both B2B and B2C clients. Visionary Marketing supported Mobistar with its content marketing strategy through a Man From Mars Report. We helped the B2B arm of Mobistar reorganise entirely its Web assets and refocus its content strategy on the right target and topics. All our recommendations were implemented within two weeks. Oct. 2016 24copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg Telecommunications Telecommunications
  25. 25. Some of our clients Here are some of the engagements carried out with B2B and B2C clients: Digital assessments and training sessions for banks, healthcare companies, high tech businesses and various international training organisations. Client support with regard to change management in the field of digital marketing. Expert blog creation and content marketing for businesses in Telecoms, IT, private banking, utilities and Big Data. We have also worked for businesses dealing with consumers, have trained top managers, communications experts, and various staffers in all sorts of companies. We have led induction seminars, crash courses, in-depth sessions and strategic sessions. We have also led social media and word of mouth marketing campaigns, optimised websites (SEO, SEM, content optimisation), created white papers dedicated to Web matters and developed personas for businesses mostly in IT, cloud computing and Telecoms. Oct. 2016 25 copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg
  26. 26. About Visionary Marketing 26Oct. 2016copyright 2016 - Visionary Marketing - all rights reserved - @vismktg