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Presales, solution design & bid management an overview

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Presales, solution design & bid management an overview

  1. 1. Pre-Sales, Solution Design and Bid Management An Overview
  2. 2. XYZ reports 50% revenue growth and 40% rise in Net Profits during Q1 FY13Fresh orders of $200mn were secured during the quarter, resulting in $990mn ofexecutable order book over the next 12 months.Twenty new customers were added in this quarter. What all does it take to build order-book and bring new business to the company? Whether it is one single person or a group of persons, who are working tirelessly day in and day out to make sure company is sustainable?
  3. 3. 1. • Understanding the Sales Cycle2. • What is Pre-Sales3. • RFx4. • Solution Design5. • Bid Management
  4. 4. 1. • Understanding the Sales Cycle2. • What is Pre-Sales3. • RFx4. • Solution Design5. • Bid Management
  5. 5. Its about…………………. …………………….?
  6. 6. Buyer Considerations………….?Seller Considerations………….?
  7. 7. SO P PC A N
  8. 8. S uspectingO P PC A N
  9. 9. S  Suspecting Generating the sales lead Marketing Campaigns Trade Fairs, Industry Forums Online Marketing, Social Media Inside Sales Team
  10. 10. S uspectingO P rospecting PC A N
  11. 11. S P  Prospecting Qualifying the sales lead For a sales lead to qualify as a sales prospect, qualification must be performed and evaluated – Product Applicability / Fitment of Solution Ability to afford our solution Time frame of purchase
  12. 12. S uspectingO P rospecting PC A nalysis N
  13. 13. S P A  Analysis Taking the qualified prospect through a question and answer session to identify the requirements Help the buyer identify and quantify a business need or a ‘gap’ between where prospect is today and where it want to be in future SPIN
  14. 14. S P A  Analysis SPIN
  15. 15. S uspectingO P rospecting P roposalsC A nalysis N
  16. 16. S P A P  Proposals Come up with a business proposal suggesting various products/services that will suffice the need of the prospect Includes Cost, Schedule and other information
  17. 17. S uspectingO P rospecting P roposalsC A nalysis N egotiation
  18. 18. S P A P N  Negotiation Negotiate the terms set in the business proposal Pricing (Technique & Amount) Scope of the Project Timeline
  19. 19. S uspectingO P rospecting P roposalsC losure A nalysis N egotiation
  20. 20. S P A P N C  Closure Making the actual sale Getting the Sign-Off / Purchase Order Getting the SOW signed
  21. 21. S uspectingRepeat O rder P rospecting P roposals C losure A nalysis N egotiation
  22. 22. S P A P N C O  repeat Order Maintaining the relationship with client and brining more orders through Cross Selling, Other Project Opportunities Order Renewals
  23. 23. S uspectingRepeat O rder P rospecting P roposals C losure A nalysis N egotiation
  24. 24.  Hunters  Farmers
  25. 25. 1. • Understanding the Sales Cycle2. • What is Pre-Sales3. • RFx4. • Solution Design5. • Bid Management
  26. 26.  Pre Sales includes the entire gamut of activities involved in preparing to engage with prospects / clients, and includes specific responses to client requests
  27. 27. Responding to ClientResponding to Client Requests Requests Responding to RFP, RFI, RFQ Providing any information to the client, which helps him take the buying decision General client queries about solutions and capabilities
  28. 28. Supporting Client VisitsResponding to Client Requests Prospects / clients may visit the vendor’s office Supporting Client Visit To see the vendor’s infrastructure Gives vendor an opportunity to showcase its capability and do cross- selling
  29. 29. Visiting ClientsResponding to Client Requests Visiting client for meetings Supporting Client Visit Due diligence – to get a clear understanding of the requirement Visiting Clients May also include demonstration of Proof-Of- Concepts or product Solution Presentation to the Client
  30. 30. Interfacing with Internal & External Groups to Design Best Fit SolutionResponding to Client for Client Requests Need to interface & coordinate Supporting Client Visit with Technical Competency Centres Visiting Functional SME ClientsInterfacing & Legal and FinancialCoordinating Delivery Teams Recruitment Third Party / OEMs
  31. 31. Marketing Support Responding to Client Requests For various marketing events, need to support Supporting Client Visit marketing team through Offering and Capability relatedMarketing Support Visiting documents, brochures Clients and posters Interfacing & Coordinating Extended capability (if any) through alliances with other product development firms or niche vendors
  32. 32. Competitor Analysis & Market Responding to Client Scanning Requests Clients receive responseCompetitor Supporting Analysis Client Visit from multiple vendors, so one must know where does it stand against competitionMarketing Support Visiting What is our competition in Clients an industry / for a specific Interfacing & bid opportunity and what Coordinating are their offerings / differentiators Market scanning is done through market research reports, analyst reports
  33. 33. Responding to Client RequestsCompetitor Supporting Analysis Client VisitMarketing Support Visiting Clients Interfacing & Coordinating
  34. 34. 1. • Understanding the Sales Cycle2. • What is Pre-Sales3. • RFx4. • Solution Design5. • Bid Management
  35. 35.  RFI / EOI Request for Information / Expression of Interest These are usually relatively short documents that ask specific questions about the vendor and services vendor provides Capability Evaluation Often used as pre-qualifier to determine which vendors will receive an RFP or RFQ – Vendor Empanelment
  36. 36.  RFP Request for Proposal These are often lengthy documents that provide detailed information on requirements functions & workflow, business goals, integration specs, etc to the vendors so they may propose a solution which meets the Client’s needs and goals It often includes scope of requirements, pricing requirements, contract terms & conditions, as well as detailed case studies & reference requirements
  37. 37.  RFQ Request for Quotes Can be part of an RFP or RFI This is a request for pricing based on whats outlined in the RFI or specified in an RFP, or can be used as a request for ala carte pricing for various service options
  38. 38. RFI , RFP & RFQ A company can do any one or more of the above, usually in the order shown Often the RFP may incorporate both the RFI and RFQ as sections of the doc, and also include other evaluation steps such as a demo, proof-of-concept or presentation A big advantage of using RFI, RFP or RFQ in software evaluation is that it allows vendors to self-eliminate because they can better assess their own chances This helps the buyer narrow down the choices to the most feasible solutions
  39. 39. 1. • Understanding the Sales Cycle2. • What is Pre-Sales3. • RFx4. • Solution Design5. • Bid Management
  40. 40. ?
  41. 41.  Effort Estimation Estimating how much effort it is going to take to complete the project Various industry standard methodologies are used for effort estimation like FP, WBS, SMC Given in Person Months
  42. 42.  Technical Solution Technical Solution, addressing the client’s requirements Technology Selection Technical Architecture Technology Stack Licensing / Sizing Information Infrastructure / Hosting Solution Compliance to NFR
  43. 43.  Functional Solution Functional Solution, addressing the client’s requirements Functional Flow Fitment of any existing frameworks Compliance to FR
  44. 44.  Project Execution Methodology Which Methodology will be followed for project implementation Waterfall Iterative Agile Client specified or Vendor recommended methodology Warranty, Maintenance & Support
  45. 45.  Project Plan Timelines to implement the project Milestones to complete various stages of the project Activities to be performed and various deliverables
  46. 46.  Resourcing & Team Recommended Team structure Onsite / Offshore composition Different Roles identified No of resources for each identified role Sample CV / Positioning for key roles
  47. 47. ?
  48. 48.  Effort Estimation Technical Solution Functional Solution Project Execution Methodology Project Plan Resourcing & Team
  49. 49.  Executive Summary – Cover Letter Value Proposition Understanding of Requirements - Client’s Pain Points Solution Vertical & Technical Capability – Accelerators, Case Studies & References Pricing Vendor Information
  50. 50. 1. • Understanding the Sales Cycle2. • What is Pre-Sales3. • RFx4. • Solution Design5. • Bid Management
  51. 51. Bid Qualification Form1. Project Name/Bid Title2. Client name3. Business Domain (Finance / Insurance / Transport, etc)4. Type of Request (RFP / RFI / Estimation only)5. Type of Bid (Please mark X in column) Custom Software Development Workflow Application Application Support & Maintenance Packaged Software Systems Integration Enterprise Knowledge Solution Legacy Modernization & Maintenance Other:6. Items required from Offshore (Please mark X in appropriate columns) Complete Proposal Response to RFI Technical Solution Only Presentation Project Estimates Only Other:7. Critical Success Factors for winning the Bid8. What is the Account Managers assessment of the probability that NIIT will be selected?9. What is the budget the client has in mind for this assignment?
  52. 52. 10. Technological preferences of client, if any?11. General Information Milestone Date RFP/RFI published by Client RFP/RFI sent to Offshore Submission to Client Response needed from Offshore Client briefing (if any) Likely decision by client12. Main Competitors’13. Is there a preference for local vendor (Yes/No)?14. What is Approx. Planned Gross Margin from Sales Team?15. Any other Information relevant to this bid16. Name of Account Manager & Geo
  53. 53. Bid Team Formation Bid PlanKick-off meeting - Roles and Responsibilities Understanding Business Problem / Requirement Deal Strategy Document Win Theme – Differentiators, Value proposition Technical and Functional Solution Effort & Cost Execution Approach Estimation Estimation, Resource Plan Proposal Preparation Proposal Integration of all information (Commercial part by Sales Team) Stitching the proposalReview s Final Review and SubmissionCycles • Final Review of Entire proposal • Submission to prospect • Archival of proposals
  54. 54. 10 tips to prepare a winning proposal1. Focus on the Customer2. Customize and personalize3. Define the Solution4. Calculate Benefits--Buyer Value5. Show Non-financial Benefits—Buyer Value6. Describe the Methodology7. Include Differentiator8. Highlight Business Information More Than Technical Information9. Develop Proposal Standards10. Ensure the Quality Standards
  55. 55. Presentation Know your audience Establish the context Include only essentials, from customers perspective Establish a structure (agenda) Ensure a flow, in order of importance Use of mnemonics, pictures, graphs – must be relevant Using the right tone. ◦ Tone is determined by  Choice of words, expressions, sentences  Modulation  Facial expression, body language  Voice “Client buys you first then your company”
  56. 56. “winning isn’t everything it’s the only thing”.

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