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eBooks and customer service


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This was presented for PLA by myself and Gwyn Stupar on May 1, 2012 as a webinar. Enjoy!

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eBooks and customer service

  1. 1. ebooks and customer service Gwyneth Stupar Leah L. White
  2. 2. me Leah L. White Reader Services Librarian Northbrook Public Library @leahlibrarian
  3. 3. the planLeah will talk about:  why staff training is very important  tips for staff training  programming and outreach ideas
  4. 4. and me! Gwyneth Stupar Web Services and Reference Librarian Northbrook Public Library @gwynonite
  5. 5. the planGwyn will talk about:  web presence in relation to eBook services  examples of awesome library websites
  6. 6. your website andyour eBook service
  7. 7. “Consumers elect to availthemselves of self-servicetechnologies for a number ofreasons which are specific to themand not to the company thatprovides the service.”-Self-Service in the Internet Age: Expectations and ExperiencesBy Dave Oliver, Celia Romm-Livermore, Fay Sudweeks
  8. 8. in other words… ease of use avoidance of service personnel saving time availability of the service when and where the consumer requires it saving money - Self-Service in the Internet Age: Expectations and Experiences Dave Oliver, Celia Romm-Livermore, Fay Sudweeks
  9. 9. helping mom “why do I need to wait for an electronic book?” “I don’t know how to transfer my book to my Kindle and I can’t find anywhere that shows me how.” “this is the most difficult (service) I’ve ever had to navigate.” “can I go to the library to download it?”
  11. 11. what patrons need to knowget help  in the Library  on the Website  through the Service login for more titles (Advantage Program) that librarians are advocates for patrons in the digital landscape
  12. 12. our story: Northbrook Public Library 2007: a link to our Overdrive Consortium, MyMediaMall, from our homepage 2010: website redesign. page is on multimedia section with links from the “Books” tab and “Teens” tabs 2012: downloads page front and center on main navigation menu
  13. 13. downloads still not quite there yet usability?
  14. 14. “When you are face to face with difficulty, you are up against a discovery.” -Lord Kelvin (William Thomas)
  15. 15. Wilmette Public Library
  16. 16. Park Ridge Public Library
  17. 17. be consistent in wording but still build gateways downloads eBooks eContent eAudiobooks eCollection downloadables eStuff digital materials
  18. 18. eBooks must be in your online catalogEncyclopedia of Food and Culture
  19. 19. usability testing“W im ovem pl ans m st ar t wit h a eb pr ent ust com it m t o cust om ser vice.” m ent er -Candi Har r ison, f or m Depar t m W M er ent eb anager at t he U.S. Depar t m of Housing and Ur ban Devel opm ent ent
  20. 20. starting over
  21. 21. staff training
  22. 22. staff training = best. customer service. ever.
  23. 23. THE BEST W TO SERVE PATRONS IS TO TRAIN YOUR STAFF AY ht t p:// /yX5uQ ht t p:// /7McQQ ht t p:// /m B Tul
  24. 24. remove the fear empower your staff create a sense of pride and accomplishment this enthusiasm is contagious! avoid cringe-worthy patron interactions  you know what i’m talking about
  25. 25. simplify service points“ebooks aren’t part of my job. go over there.” *points* ht t p://bit .l y/KiJOhU
  26. 26. ebooks are a part of our job don’t forget: ebooks are still books every service point should know basic info you need more than one person or one department
  27. 27. staff training tips
  28. 28. INVEST IN EREADERS FOR TRAINING PURPOSES ht t p:// /UEwwCht t p:// /uIJmr ht t p:// /vkWTs
  29. 29. investment is worth it staff time saved = money saved we are not pushing people to find support at for-profits, like best buy speaking of best buy...  ahem, just train your staff
  30. 30. what should you buy? what do you get questions about? think about ereader types think about your community if you can, buy for each department  if not, create a check out system
  31. 31. what?
  32. 32. create your team leaders and mentors selection is important positive and dedicated patience ht t p:// /PnXj t
  33. 33. create a planwrite a mission statementexample: This training program is designed to provide anoverall level of comfort for all public service staff whoreceived an ipad2.create a timelinecreate a strategy
  34. 34. strategy?
  35. 35. all hail the workbook!exercises and step by step explanations
  36. 36. workbook tips each device needs it’s own workbook start very basic and then move towards the more complicated tasks must work for all technical levels write while you use the device the screenshot issue
  37. 37. before launch pilot the program ht t p:// /Iy2x0
  38. 38. ready to launch! create a series of classes optional “meet the ereader” open lab style for questions continually evaluate, update, and tweak
  39. 39. customer service tipsinside the library, programs, outreach ht t p://bit .l y/IvQ24d
  40. 40. on the spot assistance don’t force everyone into appointments communicate to patrons that assistance takes time have handouts or something patrons can walk away with ht t p:// /my7zw
  41. 41. speaking of appointments... some people really need individual attention get more in-depth have a system  who teaches? What days? keep a schedule  google calendar
  42. 42. speaking of handouts... keep them current keep them handy keep them on your website
  43. 43. CLASSES, POP-UP PETTING ZOOS, LOBBY TABLESht t p://bit .l y/KiLd8q ht t p://bit .l y/KiLo3j
  44. 44. get out of the library!reach out to the people who don’t realize they can’t check out eBooks for free! ht t p://bit .l y/KiM y 3l ht t p://bit .l y/KiMRXm
  45. 45. all things considered the website needs to be customer friendly because the product is not staff training is extremely important give people varied options for learning
  46. 46. any questions? follow us!  @leahlibrarian  @gwynonite ht t p:// /RyNqV