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City Mood Based on Twitter Conversation


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City mood parameter detection based on Twitter conversation in Indonesia

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City Mood Based on Twitter Conversation

  1. 1. Mood Parameter Research Based on Twitter ConversationFor: Research by:
  2. 2. Method of Analysis •Track twitter conversation that indicates mood of user, exclude Retweet * From 9 cities in Indonesia 1. Jabodetabek 2. Bandung 3. Surabaya 4. Yogyakarta 5. Semarang 6. Malang 7. Denpasar 8. Palembang 9. Medan • Research Period 05/12/2011 – 29/01/2012. Devide into 4 time interval a day Period 1 = 00:00:00 – 06:00:00 (real 00:00:00 – 05:59:59) Period 2 = 06:00:00 – 12:00:00 (real 06:00:00 – 11:59:59) Period 3 = 12:00:00 – 18:00:00 (real 12:00:00 – 17:59:59) Period 4 = 18:00:00 – 00:00:00 (real 18:00:00 – 23:59:59) * Analyze qualilatively from the social media data.Research by:
  3. 3. General Scheme Internal Entities Injected (MediaWave Server) Bad Mood & Good Mood Keywords Twitter Good Mood Crawler Good Mood GET Facebook XML (Mizone Server ) Data Good Mood Storage External Crawler API Entities for OR Aggregator externa Twitter l access Bad Mood JSO GET Crawler Bad N Mood Facebook Data Bad Mood Storage CrawlerNote:Example of Bad Mood : Bete, Sebel, Kesel, Kecewa, Marah, Gak Semangat, Gak hepi etcExample of Good Mood : Seneng, Gembira, Hepi, Gak bete, Semangat, Bahagia etc
  4. 4. Data Crawl & Data Feed Scheme Twitter 1. For Twitter using Realtime Stream API Good Mood Crawler Good Mood 2. For Facebook using Search API Data Facebook Storage Good MoodTwitter and Facebook API Crawler to API for Aggregator external Twitter Bad Mood access Crawler Bad Mood Facebook Data Bad Mood Storage Crawler
  5. 5. City DetectionMethod (Twitter) "id_str": "276483979", "default_profile": false, "follow_request_sent": null, "verified": false, "profile_link_color": "0084B4", "location": "UT: -8.547824,115.172388", "id": 276483979, Good Mood "utc_offset": null Data Storage Extract City Aggregator Bad Mood Data Storage
  6. 6. In these period there are 2.856.382 conversations about bad mood and 2.293.067 people who havebad mood.Otherwise there are 2.350.052 conversations about good mood and 1.770.030 people who have goodmood
  7. 7. susah sekolah males pagi jelek Palembang sakit galau telat tai males libur susah sekolah lama bolosTop 10 Bad Mood
  8. 8. Palembang cantik membuat semoga senin kelancaran selamat pagi semoga ujian semangat beraktifitas amin sukses cantik kemudahan usekTop 10 Good Mood
  9. 9. Most bad mood day is Wednesday with 539.104 conversation (18,87%) from all bad moodconversations), followed by Thursday with 508.699 conversation (17,81%) from all badmood conversations).Most bad mood period is beetween 6 AM - 12 AM (36,43%), followed by 12 AM - 6 PM(35,44%) from all bad mood conversation
  10. 10. Top 10 bad mood words are Parah, Males, Cape, Bete, lemot, nungguin, lama, ga enak, Galau, Payah Visualize bad mood relation
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