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Project communication management

this presentation is for the project managers

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Project communication management

  2. 2. Plan  Introduction  Importance of Communications Management  Def. Project Communication Management  Plan comm. - Tools & Techniques  Problems in Requirements Analysis  Manage Communications  Control Communications  Conclusion
  3. 3. Introduction “Project mangers spend most of their time (about 90%) communicating with team members and other project stakeholders — internal or external to the organization”.
  4. 4. Importance of Communications Management  The project manager should effectively and efficiently communicate with stakeholders.  Managing communications is very vital for any project.  A failure in communication can have a negative impact on the project.
  5. 5. Importance of Communications Management The project manager uses a variety of communication methods to share information among stakeholders. He/she should decide what, how, and when to use each communication method.
  6. 6. Project Communication Management Is the processes that are required to ensure timely and appropriate planning, collection, creation, distribution, storage, retrieval, management, control, monitoring, and the ultimate disposition of project information.
  7. 7. Various forms of communication Form of Communication Characteristics Examples Written Formal  Precise  Transmitted through the medium of correspondence  Project charter, scope statement, project plan, WBS, project status  Complex issues  Contract related communications  Memos Written Informal  Email, notes, letters, etc.  Regular communication with team members Oral Formal  High degree of flexibility  Use the medium of personal contact, group meetings, or telephone  Presentations, speeches  Negotiations Oral Informal  Conversation with team members  Project meetings  Break-room or war-room conversations Non-verbal Communication  About 55% of total communication  Facial expressions, hand movements, tone of voice while speaking, etc.
  8. 8. Plan communications management  Mostly performed during the early stages of the project, i.e., during developing project management plan.  Is linked with enterprise environmental factors, because project’s organizational structure impacts the project’s communication requirements.  The results of this process should be reviewed regularly throughout the project and revised as needed to ensure continued applicability.  The project Kick-Off Meeting is held at the end of the project-planning phase.
  9. 9. Communications management plan
  10. 10. Plan comm. - Tools & Techniques
  11. 11. Plan comm. - Tools & Techniques  Push communication  Pull communication  Interactive communication
  12. 12. Plan comm. - Tools & Techniques
  13. 13. Problems in Requirements Analysis  Analyst have difficulties:  In getting pertinent (appropriate) information  Handling large and complex problems  Accommodating changes
  14. 14. Example of communication plan Project name: Redevelopment Project (ref: db61001) Stakeholder group Area of interest Information requirements Information provider Method of communication Frequency Senate and Chancellor’s office Senior Management Board Progress to cost and budget advance notice of problems. Achievement of benefits. Highlight reports and exception reports. Project Manager At monthly committee meetings. Monthly or as required for escalations External Relations Office/Communications Office Benefits to University and impact on community High level information regarding the master plan and progress. Details of and involvement in consultation planning and communication planning. Project Office and Project Manager At meetings and via email. Bi-weekly and as required. Business and enterprise Benefits to University and impact enterprise High level information regarding the master plan and progress. Project Manager To Director via Senior Management Board meetings. Monthly
  15. 15. Manage Communications
  16. 16. Control Communications

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this presentation is for the project managers


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