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Joomla/Moodle Single login


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A rough demo on how to combine these two great tools!

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Joomla/Moodle Single login

  1. 1. Joomla/Moodle single login By: Yusof Yaghi
  2. 2. First Install Joomla then moodle When installing Moodle have the database as Joomla (SAME DATABASE)
  3. 3. After done installing moodle login as admin
  4. 4. GO TO USERS, ACCOUNTS, Add a new user
  5. 6. Click on Administrator
  6. 7. Log in as administrator
  7. 8. User Manager
  8. 9. Have the same user name and password you put in Moodle
  9. 10. Click on HOME
  10. 11. FrontPage manager
  11. 12. Click on the first link
  12. 13. Put anything you want Then add a hyperlink to Moodle
  13. 15. Now click on save
  14. 16. Log Out
  15. 17. Log in as Moh
  16. 18. Click on the data you put with the hyperlink
  17. 19. You are now in Moodle and you are logged in
  18. 20. Thank you