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Input devices , output devices & storage devices


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Input devices , output devices & storage devices

  1. 1. •Identify input devices •List input devices Inputdevices •Functions of Input devices •Identify Output devices •List Output devicesOutputdevices •Functions of Output devices •Identify storage devices •List storage devicesStoragedevices •Functions of storage devices
  2. 2. Input Input Input InputDevices devices devices Pointing devices for for for Devices for text Video AudioGraphics INPUT DEVICES
  3. 3. • You can enter • It uses a lightVirtual keyboard Optical reader the data by source to read press the keys of characters, mar a virtual k and codes. keyboard on • Then converts the screen. them into digital data that a computer can process.
  4. 4. TrackballGraphics TabletTouch Screen
  5. 5. CCTV Digital video CameraVideo input are motion images captured into the computer by special input devices
  6. 6. Camera Digital
  7. 7. Text - basedGraphics - basedAudio-basedVideo - based
  8. 8. LCDMonitor : Projector : Printer: Speaker: Headphone Text Photo Music Text Music Video Text Printer: Speech Speech Graphics GraphicsGraphics Video Other Other Sound Graphics Sound OUTPUT DEVICE
  9. 9. Hard Thumb Diskette Cd-romdisk drive