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The internet


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Published in: Technology, Business
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The internet

  1. 1. The InternetDigital technologies are giving a radical change of paradigms ina linear evolutionary process, transforming a society in general is constantlychanging.Among these technologies we have one of the wonders of the modern world,the internet.The Internet is a very important digital tool life of each and every one of us,though it does not seem themost people we have become so indispensablein our lives.Even with the passage of time students havedecreased the use of books forthe elaboration of the work that we hes easier to go straight to Google.Although it is certainly easier to find information of all kinds, many ofthe pages or the information containedis of very poor source.Another use of the Internet is for communication.There are many forms ofcommunication on the internet. The best form of communication isemail.. Email is easier and less expensive than regular mail. There are alsomany sites that are for informal communication.and not forgetting those who use the internet for gaming, blogging, watchingvideos, downloading music or just be aware of whatToday you can do anything with the help of the internetas long as they knowhow to use properly.