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Storage Is Not Virtualized Enough - part 1


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Open stack summit tokyo 2015 vbrownbag session

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Storage Is Not Virtualized Enough - part 1

  1. 1. Storage is not virtualized enough Zhipeng (Howard) Huang Huawei
  2. 2. Bio  Standard Engineer • ETSI NFV • SNIA Object Drive TWG • OCI/Spec Open Source Community Operation Manager • OpenStack (Tricircle, Kingbird, Dragonflow, …) • OPNFV (Parser, Multisite, DPACC, …) • OpenVswitch  Like Heavy Metal Music and father of twin girls !
  3. 3. Why storage is not virtualized enough Converged Data Plane (Support File, Block, Object) NoSQL1 (Graph) NoSQL2 (kv) OpenSwift Lustre … app1 App admin Interface block file object Kv db Graph db Mpp sql … Performance Ops xxx Ops xxx Ops xxx Ops xxx … Capacity 10PB 100PB 1000PB … Reliability 5个9 6个9 7个9 8个9 … Storage admin Cost $1/GB $0.1/GB Free Service Open Source … Functionality Data Replica Clone Backup Dedup … Maintainability … app2 app3 app4 app5 app…
  4. 4. What is Storage Function Virtualization (SFV) SFVNFV OS/Hypervisor VM1 VNF1 VMn VNFn… OS/Hypervisor VMx VNFx VMy VNFy… … Cloud OS (NFV Enhanced) OS/Hypervisor VM1 VSF1 VMn VSFn… OS/Hypervisor VMx VSFx VMy VSFy… … Cloud OS (SFV Enhanced) FW DPI Router LB Blk/EBS MPP DB NAS Hadoop
  5. 5. OpenStack SFV OpenStack Components Third Party Storage Management Software Third Party virtual storage apps OpenStack SFV Enhancements Cinder ManilaNova Glance Heat Murano Virtualized Storage Funtions OpenStack SFV A M Q P R E S T R E S T R E S T Driver Driver Driver R E S T R E S T R E S T R E S T App- Image App- Template DPS R E S T R E S T Backup Driver Storage Orchestration Tool
  6. 6. OpenStack SFV Sample Workflow Pool’s volume、 medium、IOPS Nova Cinder-API Cinder- scheduler Cinder-volume (LVM driver) Cinder-volume (HSDP driver) Pool/VG Pool/VG Pool/VG Pool Pool HDD HDD HDD LVM SSD NVDIMM HSDP Create Instance (bdm) 1 2 1. filter for localized compute and storage 2. filter for volume anti-affinity rule 3. filter for capability scheduling 3 4 Pool’s volume、 medium、IOPS NOVA scheduler 2
  7. 7. OpenStack SFV related BPs  Improve nova attach volume api to support disk-bus : The purpose of this spec is to add disk-bus parameter to nova attach volume api.  Add local-to-instance to create server api : The purpose of this spec is to add "local_to_instance" to block_device_mapping parameter in nova create instance API.  Add volume type to create server API : Currently in create server API, using block_device_mapping parameter can create cinder volume and attach to instance, but there aren't volume type parameter to create a SLA based volume, so this bp will add the volume type to create api.  Add NVME bus to KVM hypervisor  vHost Support Notes: Some of the BPs would be resubmitted for Release M Collaboration on SFV related works are highly welcomed.
  8. 8. SFV Goes Beyond OpenStack OCI CNCF OpenStack OCP KVM Add More … Add More … Container Flocker App 1 Container Hyper App 2 OSv- ScyllaDB App N Add More … Add More … Kinetic • OpenStack-dev mailinglist with [SFV] in the subject • Join and Discuz at!forum/sfv-dev • Also hack ideas for development in various upstream projects at • More trendy communication at