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Hox genes


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Published in: Science
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Hox genes

  1. 1. The expansion of the Hox gene groups and the evolution of new functions for the genes enabled animals to become more complex, and allowed different segments of animals to diversify and evolve special functions. The way in which these genes are controlled can also explain the diversity of animal forms within closely related groups. Hox genes
  2. 2. All vertebrates have a similar toolkit of Hox genes but for example: clearly the body plan of a bird differs from that of a monkey. Hox genes
  3. 3. HOX GENE EXPRESSION The specific regional functions of individual Hox genes largely reflect their restricted expression patterns, the disruption of which can lead to developmental defects and disease. Here, we examine the spectrum of molecular mechanisms controlling Hox gene expression in model vertebrates and invertebrates and find that a diverse range of mechanisms, including nuclear dynamics, RNA processing, microRNA and translational regulation, all concur to control Hox gene outputs. We propose that this complex multi-tiered regulation might contribute to the robustness of Hox expression during development. Hox genes
  4. 4. Last words So basically, Hox genes are like light engineers using different combinations and intensities of a few primary colours to create a whole range of different effects. Hox genes