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City Branding: the case of Copenhagen and Paris


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City branding: the case studies of Copenhagen and Paris. What is the relation between branding and

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City Branding: the case of Copenhagen and Paris

  1. 1. CityCity brandingbranding
  2. 2.  substance + feeling reality + story truth + imagination fact + impression
  3. 3. “the deliberate actions taken to alter orimprove an image”“creation of associations that are emotional,mental, psychological, moving away from thefunctional -rational character of marketinginterventions”“various promotional campaigns and visual identitytactics; creation of signature buildings as landmarksfor the city or the invention of new ways to integrateexisting landmarks in the promotion of the city,staging of various types of events in the city”
  4. 4. Reasons to Engage in BrandingReasons to Engage in BrandingCorrect an image• Brand Expansion –images are positive but limited orunhelpful• Brand Enhancement –awareness is vague or generic –lackof differentiation from competition• Brand Revitalization –images are out of date and nolonger useful to support economic, political ordevelopmental goalsImprove an image• Unjustified perceptions –refute or suppress (f.e. Bogota)• Justified perceptions –contextualize or de-emphasize
  5. 5. Each citys scoreacross these sixdimensions issuccinctly captured inthe City BrandHexagon, a visualrendering of the totalIndex score.I. PresenceII. PlaceIII.PeopleIV.Pre-requisitesV. PulseVI.Potential
  6. 6. Elements of a Brand StrategyElements of a Brand StrategyBrand StrategiesBrand Strategiesmust bemust be……CreativeOwnableSharpMotivatingRelevantElementalBrands Must Be…Brands Must Be…•Fair•True•Powerful•Attractive•Believable•Genuinely useful toeconomic,political and social aims•Honestly reflecting thespirit, genius and will ofthe people 
  8. 8. Little mermaid:old branding of the city,disappointing for many touristsRepositioning of Stockholm as the capital of ScandinaviaREBRANDING of Copenhagen crucial!!! Need for a humanistic philosophy/branding
  9. 9. OPEN Copenhagen is the official city brandof Copenhagen
  10. 10. *Flexible brand that can easily be adaptedto individual campaigns*It gathers all the good arguments aboutCopenhagen*Grants foundation to an envelopingprofile and a common marketing platform
  11. 11. Not simple “OPEN forYou” but also “OPEN forTourists, Business,Investments, Events,Experiences, Alternatives”etc.“A logo can connectpeople with the brandand the brand with thepeople”
  12. 12. Company Overviewa non profit organization,established in 2009 by Wonderful Copenhagen andCopenhagen Capacity.comprised of 22 member companies with a board that includesthe founding companies as well as Microsoft, CopenhagenAirport, The Municipality of Copenhagen( sponsors??!!)
  13. 13. C HAGENC HAGEN on facebookon facebookOPEN
  14. 14. *Facebook page’ s goal: to tell the good stories of the openCopenhagen in order to reinforce the capitals image and growth ona national and global level.* As a following effect the page will also work on increasing therecognition of Copenhagens city brand and the value of OPEN.* It is also relevant to put focus on bigger branding and co-brandingstories that are relevant for Copenhagen and DenmarkC HAGENC HAGEN on facebookon facebookOPEN
  15. 15. **OPEN Copenhagen is a newshared city brand forCopenhagen.* Copenhagen is the only capital citywith a value-based city brand*Everyone who lives in Copenhagenknows that the city is a very specialplace, but not all of its visitors,tourists and international businesspeople.””It is a really goodIt is a really goodbrand. We are open,brand. We are open,and with opennessand with opennessyou can accomplishyou can accomplishincredible things.”incredible things.”
  16. 16. With the new brand we can show the world thatCopenhagen is a capital with many possibilities whichis always open to new input, new ideas and newthoughts.Bjarke Ingels, Founding Partner BIG!!Copenhagen recently ranked 12th in a brandinglist of 88 of the world’s other capitals.(source: Reputation Institute)
  17. 17. PARIS – The city of lightsPARIS – The city of lights
  18. 18. EmblematicEmblematicArchitectureArchitectureSupports City’s pictorialacknowledgement
  19. 19. City of Romance and IntrigueCity of Romance and IntrigueCity of LightsCity of LightsDue to:1) the vibrantatmosphere ofculture. (famousMuseums, Galleries,Monuments etc)2) the conceptualconnection withEnlightenmentParis…Paris…alongside Madrid andBarcelona is among theworld’s best-rated cities foraesthetic,climate andentertainment credentials,withvaluable reputations for flairand a strong public realm.
  20. 20. 1.1. PresencePresence (knowledge of city(knowledge of cityand perception of its globaland perception of its globalcontribution)contribution)2.2. PlacePlace (cleanliness, aesthetic(cleanliness, aestheticqualities and climate)qualities and climate)3.3. Pre-requisitesPre-requisites (affordable(affordableaccommodations and quality ofaccommodations and quality ofpublic amenitiespublic amenities4.4. PeoplePeople (friendliness, personal(friendliness, personalencounters and cultural diversity)encounters and cultural diversity)5.5. PulsePulse (interesting events,(interesting events,activities and lifestyles) andactivities and lifestyles) and6.6. PotentialPotential (to go to school)(to go to school)Paris Tops Ranking in Global City Image Study; GfKRoper Public Affairs & Media and Simon Anholt Release2009 City Brands Index:Paris ranks:Paris ranks:•3rd at the Presence Brand3rd at the Presence BrandRankingRanking•3rd at the Place Brand3rd at the Place BrandRankingRanking•1st at the Pulse Brand1st at the Pulse BrandRankingRanking
  21. 21. Strong BrandStrong BrandLogo IndustryLogo Industry
  22. 22. Paris brandParis brand >> France BrandFrance Brand
  23. 23. Paris brand strength : actually exceeds what its asset strengthwould suggest it ‘deserves’. SO… Brand is better than its assets would predict (even if theassets are strong) meaning it sells a story above and beyondan actual urban experienceSafron consultants estimates Paris brand strength at 111%.Safron consultants estimates Paris brand strength at 111%.Paris’ distinctive sense of place isearned from its wide boulevards.Paris has a strongconversational valueeventhough it lacks of remoteexoticity, people and visitors willalways have their own Parisstories to share.
  24. 24. Cinema was charmed by ParisCinema was charmed by Paris“Our love is here to stay”“Paris is like love”
  25. 25. According to the The European City BrandBarometer Paris rankins are:Brand strength 1st (89 points, average 60)Asset strength 1st (99 points, average 59)Brand utilisation 5th (111%, average 91%)One of the most prominentdestinations in the world forboth leisure and businesstourism. Despite declines inhotel overnightsduring the global economiccrisis, Paris’s overallperformanceremained relatively strong,and 2010 represented a goodyear in terms of recoveryafter the crisis.
  26. 26. Infrastructures, public art spaces,monuments and events are thetangible assets of cities that willproclaim city strength.A strong image is: A picture ofcouples kissing with the Eiffel Towerbackground portray romantic imageof Paris.
  27. 27. StrongStrong Branding (Saffron Research)Branding (Saffron Research)According to citizens answers depends on the most desirableattributes of a city:Culture (Sightseeing and historical attractions)Cuisine and restaurantsGood shoppingAmenity Particularly low cost Good weatherEase of getting aroundon foot or by public transport
  28. 28. Paris Brand scores atParis Brand scores at 3 factors3 factorsCulture- Gastronomy- ShoppingCulture- Gastronomy- Shopping
  29. 29. Paris “World of Haute Couture”Paris “World of Haute Couture”
  30. 30. Thank you for yourattention!We welcome your suggestions,questions and comments.Κατσιάπη ΞανθήΜυτιληναίου ΆνναΞανθοπούλου ΖωήΤζιούμαρης ΓιώργοςΠάλλη Έφη